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Imperial Flavors SyrupsImperial Flavors Beverage Company produces many different flavors of Juices, Slush / Sno-Cones and Cream City Sodas.

Contact us to inquire about other flavors and packaging which are also available upon request.



  • Tab 1 - Soda

    Cream City Soda

    Lemon-Lime, (sweet)
    Diet Cola
    Diet Sweet
    Dang! Root Beer
    Dang! Diet Root Beer
    Dang! Butterscotch Root Beer
    Mountain Mist
    Dang! Italian Cherry
    Ginger Ale
    Dang! Red Cream
    Iced Tea, unsweetened
    Raspberry sweetened Iced Tea
    DANG! Energy Drink
    Sugar-Free DANG! Energy
    360 Orange Citrus Energy Drlnk
    Blue Raspberry Energy Drink
    Blue Raspberry Sport Drink
    Lemonade, pink or white
    Bar Sweet/Sour
    Premix 5 gallon tanks (Milwaukee only)
  • Tab 2 - Juice

    Juice Concentrates

    Orange, 100% fruit juice
    Orange Juice, 50%
    Orange Drink
    Diet Orange Drink
    Grapefruit, 100%, special order
    Grapefruit Juice, 50%, special order
    Cranberry Plus, Sugar-Free, 100% juice
    Cranberry Juice Cocktail
    Prune Juice, 100%
    Prune Juice, 50%
    Grape Juice, 100%
    Grape Juice, 50%
    Grape Drink
    Diet Grape Drink
    Apple Juice, 100%
    Apple Juice, 50%
    Pineapple Juice, 100%
    Pineapple Juice, 50%
    Fruit Punch
    Diet Fruit Punch
    Reduced Color Fruit Punch
    Diet Reduced Color Fruit Punch
    Lemonade, Pink or White
    Diet Lemonade
    Iced Tea
    Iced Tea, raspberry sweetened
    Pear Nectar



    Peach Nectar
    Apricot Nectar
    Apple Nectar
    Kiwi Strawberry Drink
    Red Raspberry Drink
    Orange Mango Passion Drink
    Peach Drink
    Diet Kiwi Strawberry Drink
    Diet Red Raspberry Drink
    Diet Orange Mango Passion Drink
    Diet Peach Drink
    Lemon-Lime Sport Drink
    Fruit Punch Sport Drink
    Blue Raspberry Sport Drink
    Neutral Thickener
    Thickened Orange Juice, Nectar
    Thickened Orange Juice, Honey
    Thickened Cranberry Juice, Nectar
    Thickened Cranberry Juice, Honey
    Thickened Apple Juice, Nectar
    Thickened Apple Juica, Honey
    Thickened Prune Juice, Nectar
    Thickened Prune Juice, Honey
    Thickened water, 3 gal BIB
    Bar Sour
  • Tab 3 - Slush

    Slush Bases and Sno-Cone Syrups

    Neutral Base
    Lemon-Lime, (Green)
    Root Beer
    Blue Raspberry
    Red Raspberry
    Red Raspberry (natural flavor)
    Strawberry (natural flavor)
    Bubble Gum (not stock item)
    Fruit Punch
    Pina Colada (not stock item)
    Margarita(\w triple sec flavor & lime, non-alcohol)

    Note: Other flavors and packaging are also available upon request.

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